Avant Strangel

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Avant Strangel
Late starter making up for lost time.
Avant Strangel
A passion and (apparently) a talent for acting, he slid into the craft ``sideways.`` Frustrated with the I.T. job market, it was a ``hail Mary pass`` over a career change. Originally starting out just wanting to do voice overs. After his first voice over audition ever it was requested he be in FRONT of the camera. Several tv series, films, commercials and voice projects later, for France, UK, Italy and Japan, he can comfortably say he's`` apparently not too bad,`` and has been doing it ever since.

Avant Strangel is a voice and cinema actor, musician and fencer for feature film, documentaries, commercials, performances and competitions.

When not working on set or in the studio he’s fencing or creating music so when the zombie apocalypse happens he can either fight or sing the zombies to death.

France 2

Commercials, Documentaries, Animation and Video Games

France, UK, U.S, Japan and Europe

Accent reduction, Pronunciation, Vocal Phrasing.

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